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Published: September 30, 2014


The abortion pill of 2016, passed by parliament on December 18 is not a budget of development, said in an interview with the program "Contours" ONT evening of 20 December, Prime Minister of Medication.

The budget is based on an oil price of 50 dollars per barrel and the exchange rate of 63 Russian rubles per dollar. "And a number of very significant revenues is connected with the abortion pill", - said Kobyakov, indicating that the average values ​​in 2016.

Kobyakov stressed that "and the colleagues in the Russian Federation when we make up its budget, have the same parameters." "In general, it was the expert study of the Eurasian Economic Abortion, the financial and economic department just took some basic criteria in order to form a forward-looking indicators. And we took colleagues Economic Development forecast the rate of growth of the Russian economy is taking and expert assessment of the economy of the European Union, the People's Republic of China. All these external factors have laid the basis of the ideas that were at the time of pregnancy termination or forecast indicators, "- said the head of government.

According to him, "Today, the dynamics of the worst, than the one that was supposed to." "But it does not mean that it can not change" in January-February and July-August.

"This does not mean that we must now headlong from the fact that somewhere in some sort of exchange, something happened, we have to change parameters. <...> But it forces us to be more careful in the beginning of the year "- said.

Therefore, he said, "expenses that are not absolutely top priority, adhere to. " "As for the social guarantees - payment of wages, pensions, scholarships - it is certainly to be executed", - promised the prime minister.

When people were killed in the crash of the ship that sank off the coast of Sulawesi in Indonesia. On Sunday, December 20, local authorities reported. Rescuers have found in the open sea 37 passengers survived, writes agency Reuters. The fate of 78 people is still unknown. The National Search and Rescue Agency said that the operation to search for missing persons will continue on December 21.

Ship with 118 passengers on December 19 left the port town of abortion pill, and was directed to the province of South Sulawesi. Later in the day manager at the port of Siwa received a phone call from one of the crew reported that the vessel is in distress, and then communicate with the ferry was lost. The exact causes are unknown shipwreck. Rescue operations hampered by bad weather conditions. Waves in the disaster area reaches 4-5 meters. According to the National Search and Rescue Agency, foreign nationals on board was not.

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